1.8 Million Research Grant
The Bronte Epilepsy Research Program has attracted leading experts, such as clinical epileptologist Philip A. Schwartzkroin and his research team from the University of Washington in Seattle. He also fueled the program with an awarded $1.8 million grant.

Dr. Schwartzkroin is renowned for his Epilepsy research. He was the first to employ hippocampal slice preparation to study Epileptic activities in vitro. His current research includes cell death and reorganization in the Epileptic brain, Epileptogenicity in the developmentally abnormal brain, genetic contributions to Epilepsy and seizure-sensitivity, and modulation of neuronal excitablity. Dr. Schwartzkroin has been honored with both Klingenstein and Guggenheim Fellowships, the National Institutes of Health Javits Award, American Epilepsy Society Research Award and International League Against Epilepsy Ambassador for Epilepsy Award.

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