Epilepsy Facts

What is Epilepsy?

Who is affected
by Epilepsy?

Epilepsy, my
hidden secret.



Epilepsy, my hidden secret.
Did you know Vincent Van Gogh had Epilepsy?
Many famous people had/have Epilepsy. Who kept it a secret?

Julius Caesar
Bud Abbott
Joan of Arc
St. Paul, Apostle
Alexander the Great
Napoleon Bonaparte
Charles Dickens

Alfred Lord Tennyson
Edgar Allen Poe
Isaac Newton
Richard Burton
Neil Young
Tony Lazzeri (baseball)
Neil Abercromble (congressman)
Danny Glover
Gary Howatt (hockey player)

Epilepsy has remained a hidden secret for many. The stigma fuels discrimination and isolation from the mainstream of American life. More than 30% of people with Epilepsy are physically able to work, but are unemployed. Many of those who are employed have been forced to accept positions far below their ability and educational achievements. Epilepsy remains a formidable barrier to normal life, affecting educational attainment, employment, and personal fulfillment.

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